Mission / Vision

Mission and Vision

The MISSION of the CENTER is to reach into the hearts and lives of the community through simple truths of knowledge. The CENTER will allow the community to use its own assets to care for, teach, and lead the community toward a more healthy way of life. This way includes using practical sound teaching that can be proven to be effective.

The assets of the CENTER are the members of the community who participate as volunteers to use their God given talents to help change the lives of those needing help.

The CENTER will focus on meeting the educational needs of the community from a Biblical stance.

The CENTER will not engage in meeting physical needs of the community.

The VISION of the CENTER is to meet the needs of every individual, no matter the race, religious background, age, sex, or circumstance. Each person who comes to the CENTER will be treated with respect. Each person will be given an opportunity to participate in the LEARNING portion of the CENTER, receive counseling, or receive prayer based on the need presented.

The CARE Center could lower many major issues of mental health in the community by offering a low cost fee for service. Changing a community happens when the core residents are impacted by access to mental health care.

The CENTER will offer an opportunity for those in the community to help by being accountability partners for those who are attending classes. This accountability partner is someone who is a listener while the person taking the class talks about what they are learning. This model has proven to be effective in helping someone grasp a new concept when personal change is necessary.

The CENTER will be training these accountability partners. This training is a one-year commitment, with 16 weeks of training followed by periodic updates. The accountability partner will be held to a rigid set of guidelines set out by the CENTER’S oversight team. These guidelines will include confidentiality, professionalism, and education guide lines. Without the training no one will be able to be an accountability partner.